How to Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps

How to Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps - Josephine Myles DNF at 40%

How To Train Your Dragon, but a little bit different..


I can understand how some people love this book. It’s pretty funny and Eddie is a very likable MC. But Jeff…. I just can’t take any more.

This book revolves around Jeff and how to make him a better Dom. Eddie is more than willing to help, but he has to convince Jeff, because Jeff is straight….…

This is definitely a training guide with some funny moments. My main reason for DNF-ing this is because things like this are a NOT SEXY to me:

“Mmm, you know if you were gay, you’d definitely be a bear. Love all the hair.” Jeff snorted. “There’s more of it on my body than there is on my head. Sarah used to say I didn’t need to wear clothes because I was already covered in a fur coat.”


He’d have to straddle Eddie’s head. “Let go of the chair.” Eddie obeyed, and Jeff shoved it away. Yeah, he wanted to be able to watch Eddie choking on a great big mouthful of bollocks. His bollocks. Fuck, yeah.

Yeah, that was the stuff. Jeff used his cock like a club, battering Eddie’s face. Claiming it.

Funny, but not really for me..