Rise & Fall

Rise & Fall - Charlie Cochet BR with my bestie Elsbeth.

I was a bit disappointed in this one.
I think I knew this before I started (perhaps I have a little self-fulfilling prophecy thing going on?).

I was not that interested in the case the team was working. And after all the relationship drama we had in the previous books everything seemed to come to some sort of conclusion in the last book.

At the end of the previous book Dex and Sloane were sowly progressing towards the big L word and their HEA. I think that’s why I was quite bored with their relationship for the first half.

This book really concentrated on the plot while I would have liked a lot more Dex and Sloane time. Even the sex scenes… They were finished within half a page! What?? I was just getting warmed up here. I was not happy.


But… then it did started to get exciting. I was getting more and more into it. And the development with Ash and Cael was awesome!

What bothered me the most about the first half was that there were not a lot of funny times with Dex. I can understand that this was not the time for fun and jokes, but I still missed it. I did love the end though. We finally get a glimpse of the humor we saw in the other books.

I know that it’s probably not going to happen with this series, but I want a bit more character and a little less plot in the next books…


On to the next one!