Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans - Sandrine Gasq-Dion, Jennifer Fornes 2,5 stars

This book is one big happy lovey dovey sugary sweet sapfest.
But I'm pretty cynical when it comes to real life romance so I was just in the mood for this. Everyone is just so incredibly happy, and don't forget horny, it is actually funny.

This book does not feature one couple, but two. The werewolf brothers Grayson and Xander are sent to do an internship in Anchorage at the company of the brothers Drake. And look at that, it so happens to be that the Drake brothers are their mates! After that it is all love and sex. No complaints here.. Yes, this series is totally unrealistic and as soon as everyone meets their mates they want to have babies.. I don’t think they care of the amount of surrogates they have to find to accomplish that. Perhaps they can find a woman who wants to have babies for the entire family!

I just have to include the most ridiculous quote of this book.

“The overwhelming tightness of Jagger’s tunnel made it feel like someone was stepping on his cock.”

Really, like someone is stepping on it? Ouch.. And yes, this author is very fond of the word tunnel..

So if you think life sucks sometimes , you should read this. The writing is crap, but it's bound to make you feel better. Once you get over the ridiculousness of it all that is.