With Abandon

With Abandon - J.L. Langley I really did not like this book. I loved the other 2 books in this series, but this one really aggravated me.
I have trouble respecting people when they let what other people think define the way they live their lives. If a person is gay but deeply in the closet because, ‘Oh my, what would other people think’, I just cannot respect that. Or if they think their business won’t survive them being gay. Or if they feel like they need to live up to their parents expectations…. Get over it, it is all in your own head! The person you are does not change with how other people see you. You determine who you are, not other people. Being yourself is always something to be proud of.


This is the story of Aubrey and Matt. Matt is moving to Georgia to attend Georgia State. He will be staying with Keaton’s brother Aubrey. When the two of them meet, it is instant…the attraction…the want.. They are mates. Matt is thrilled he has found his mate. Aubrey cannot fight his feelings for Matt, but he is determined he will always be in the closet. He won’t even consider coming out for his mate… He is worried his parents will never approve with him being gay. And he thinks his business will go down the drain with a ‘scandal’ like this. So Aubrey just has to let Matt go…

To say I didn’t like Aubrey would be an understatement. Matt was so young and so trusting. He was willing to wait however long it took for Aubrey to accept him as his mate, publicly.
I couldn’t believe Matt, he just let Aubrey use him like that. He let himself be hurt by him over and over again. When Aubrey got mad at Matt for not hiding his own sexuality I was like:
And just when I thought Aubrey was gonna get it now… Matt just accepted it and even said he was sorry. Excuse me??? Sorry for being himself?? Even when Aubrey apologized later, there wasn’t nearly as much groveling as should have been!
After Aubrey was having Matt kept as his dirty secret for some time I was not even happy when Aubrey did come out. He so did not deserve happiness with Matt.

If you can get over these sort of issues, you might enjoy this book more than I did.