The General's Lover

The General's Lover - Sandrine Gasq-Dion I have actually been able to finish this!

What I liked about the other books were definitely the shifters. No shifters in this one... The assassins are cool, but a bit boring. I like my men to be more in touch with their animal side.

This book concentrates on the couple we knew should be together from the start, but were to pigheaded to admit it: James and Derek.
Derek is making plans to retire from the military because he has finally admitted he cannot live without James. But just when he is going to admit his feelings to James, James is abducted. While James is being tortured, Derek calls his team to free the love of his life.
After James is rescued and Derek finally has him alone there is love love love and sex sex sex. That about sums it up.

It was somewhat entertaining and because I am still reading this series it appears there is something I like in these books. Or I am just a masochist, that is also a good possibility.