BAMF - SJD Peterson Great BR with Elsbeth, Eva and Zainab

Not your average college bad boy/geek pairing. I liked it!

First we meet Ridley, the bad boy. Who feels he needs to protect those around him...

And we have the geeky library assistant Alex. (I know he is supposed to have blond curls, but this guy kept popping up in my head….)

Ridley is insanely attracted to Alex and hangs out in the library as often as he can. When he finally has the nerve to ask Alex out, the night doesn’t exactly go as Ridley planned. Alex is not the geek he appears to be.


I kind of knew what to expect, so I was not disappointed when it turned out Alex was not a real geeky guy. I really liked Ridley and Alex. Ridley was so cute, how he was constantly trying to protect Alex, who needed no protection. And Alex was completely badass.

The story dragged a bit in the middle, but other than that I had a good time. This is an easy book, no angst, no major problems, not too long, and with hot kinky sex. Not a perfect book with major character development and depth, but a nice read nonetheless.

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