The Bible Boys

The Bible Boys - Dan Skinner BR with Julie, Elsbeth, Vilda, Zainab, Christina and Ingela. Thanks my lovely ladies.

I cannot help but compare this to A Forbidden Rumpringa which I’ve read recently.

Both handle gay boys of the same age, brought up in a community with very strong religious beliefs. But whereas A Forbidden Rumspringa had me feeling depressed, Dan Skinner accomplishes a perfect way to portrait this community, and the extreme religious beliefs these people have, without diminishing the beauty that is this world and without me losing hope.

Matt has been emerged in the strong religious church life of his parents his entire life. The rules to which he must abide are very strict. He is not even allowed to look at himself naked and anything that has to do with self-exploration is sinful and must be punished. People are all to live be the rules of the church. Women have almost no say at all.

Women could not show their arms, had to keep the hems of their skirts three inches below their knees. They could not speak unless spoken to. They couldn’t have short hair styles or wear make-up.

And everything is carried out with God as an ‘excuse’. These people sometimes use their beliefs as an excuse to punish people. I was very appalled that these kind of things apparently still happen in this world.


And to be gay in such a community… horrifying. But this story does not centers around that and I was very grateful for it. It centers around the romance of these two beautiful boys.


Matt, who knew no other life than church life and Caleb, who was only recently introduced to church life and never had any intention of following their rules.

These boys were beautiful together. Their tentative exploration of each other, the way they fell in love, I loved it.


My one complain about this book was its abrupt ending. I was a bit surprised that it suddenly ended.

But still.. a very beautiful book with exceptional writing.