End of the Innocence

End of the Innocence - John  Goode I honestly didn’t think I could like this one as much as the previous books, but I really did. I was afraid that this one would be overly dramatic and I am just not one for a book that makes me feel really sad.
But even though I did feel sad throughout the book, it was not overwhelming. This book deals with some very heavy things, but the people in it are so beautiful that it did not make me feel sad and depressed, but somewhat sad and totally in awe with these people. They way Kyle and Brad deal with things, it made me happy and it made see the beauty in the world instead of only the hate people can have for each other.


I actually had so much fun while reading this book. Kyle never disappoints with his snarky comments.

“You remember Jennifer?”
I smiled at her and hated how pretty she was. It was an ugly reaction, and I will completely admit to it, but it was the first time in my life I resented someone for being something I wasn’t. Brad chose
me over this? I mean, I am not even into girls, and I would pick her over me. “Hi,” I said quietly . “Nice to meet you again.”
She held out her hand. “History whore, right?”
Oh my God, I am going to die.

I LOVE Kyle.

And Brad, he has come such a long way.

When Brad took Kyle out on their first date… it was so sweet, so romantic. I melted and had to scoop myself off the floor. I felt their love throughout these books. No matter what happened, they were always there for each other.


There were some terrible people In this book, very hateful people. It made me feel sad that there is such hate. And that there are people who teach their children to hate. It makes me want to grab my boys and tell them how much love there is in this world. And if we give love, then hopefully, we will receive it back…