Embracing His Syn

Embracing His Syn - Princess so, A.E. Via There were parts of this book I wanted to give a solid 4 stars, but most of the time it was more a 3 star read, so 3 stars it will be.

The overall feeling for the first half of the story was pretty good. I was intrigued and I wanted to see Furi escape the hold his ex-husband had over him.
The parts where Syn went on cop business with his partners, God and Day, were fun to read. But I must admit, somewhere near the end of the story I lost interest in how funny God and Day were supposed to be.


And I like it when characters in a book surprise me, when the roles are suddenly reversed (like in The Violet and the Tom, with the slave becoming the master). But in this case, I couldn’t really get a good feel for Furi. He was abused by his husband and he let himself be totally controlled by him. But when he meets Syn and the relationship develops between them, he is suddenly this overpowering Dom in bed and takes control every time. And Syn, who was supposed to be all alpha male, just let him be handled the way Furi wanted.


I can understand a little powerplay in the bedroom and I know even the most alpha of males sometimes want to be controlled. But this just felt unnatural. I didn’t think Furi made a very good Dom and Syn not a very good submissive (no other elements of BDSM in this book other than the powerplay).

And I am normally not one to complain about the length of a book, but this book was just too long. It held my attention til about halfway through and then it felt a bit repetitive.


So overall a good story, but with some disappointing elements.