One Boy's Shadow

One Boy's Shadow - Ross A. McCoubrey This was such a sweet book. I loved it!
A nice mix of ghost story and sweet romance. Caleb and Shane were just too cute together. I loved their tentative exploration of each other.

This story starts when 15 year old Caleb moves with his parents and his brother to the small town Stapeton. They move in to an old house, which is supposedly haunted.


After their first few days there, Caleb meets Shane, a boy who lives nearby. They hit it off and become close friends.
After spending some weeks in their new house it is clear to Caleb that there is indeed some presence who is trying to contact Caleb. He and Shane find out that there was a boy, Toby, who went missing 70 years ago.


Caleb and Shane grow very close during their investigation and when Caleb kisses Shane, it is obvious they have become more than best friends and they no longer have to hide their feelings from each other. But there is still the issue of Toby and how they will be able to help him find some peace..

I was happy this book was not too creepy. This was exciting without me being up all night because of strange noises..
I also loved how the romance between Caleb and Shane developed. They had their sweet, tender moments, but I could also feel their friendship throughout this book.


And together with Caleb’s brother and Ryley, another friend of theirs, they made a good ghost hunting team.

So if you are looking for a sweet M/M YA book with lots of tender moments and a ghost story that is not too creep, try this book!
Definitely recommended.