A Fostered Love

A Fostered Love - Cameron Dane 2,5 stars

The hardest review to write is a review where I didn’t feel very passionate about the book. For me this was one of those books. The writing was not bad and the storyline was pretty interesting. But…. I just couldn’t connect to the characters. And if I don’t care what happens to them, the story isn’t going to save the book for me…


This book starts just after the death of foster mother Marisol. Christian was once one of her foster children and is now looking to fix up her house to sell it. He gets help from Jonah, who was once in Marisol’s care as well. Christian used to have a major crush on Jonah. Up until the point when Jonah was 16, got arrested and sent to juvenile detention.

Now, years later, these men are back in the same house they used to live in.
While fixing up the house both Christian and Jonah find out that their attraction is still there. And just when things are looking up for them, Christian’s crazy ex appears and tries to hurt them…

This could have been a great book. Just not for me.. The extensive amount of sex in this book couldn’t even hold my interest.


But then again, it could just be me…