Gay Dragon Fun Times

Gay Dragon Fun Times - Sinn Lee Another read for Weird Shit Wednesday.
And yes, this was weird shit!

We have a straight young guy.

And we have a dragon in heat…looking for a mate.

So together they do something like this…

And even though the dragon was somewhat humanoid, it was still dragon porn… very disturbing…

”His head disappeared behind my ass. He tugged my cheeks open with one of the digits from his hands, and his tongue brushed against my virgin rosebud. His tongue was slick and smooth as it glided in circles around my anus, then he rimmed me with his wonderful tongue. His fingers clutched my cheeks tighter. His nails dug into my skin as his tongue eased into my tight passage.
My body went alight with pleasure and my moan echoed around the cave. It reverberated in my ears as his tongue wiggled deeper. My toes curled and I pressed myself back against his squirming tongue.
"Deeper...please?" I begged.