Into the Wastelands

Into the Wastelands - Gwynn Marssen 3,5 stars

After reading the final page I learned that Gwynn Marssen is from the Netherlands! How wonderful to read an English (and M/M!) book from a Dutch author.

This book left me a little confused. I loved Keric and Dolen, but this book could have benefited from a little more explanation and description.

I loved the post-apocalyptic world of this book. Loved how it suggested that this is the how the world will become if people go on like they do now. How we are dooming ourselves with the way we treat the earth.

Keric is Nahuel, a clan with certain psychic powers. They are fully tattooed to enhance their powers.


Keric’s uncle sends him away to the Wastelands to get a grip on his powers. Keric has constant visons of the past and is often overcome by them.


After a period of seclusion he finds a naked man in the Wastelands. He rescues this man and finds out this man is Dolen, who is from a different tribe and has powers of his own.


Dolen’s people believe in gods to help them heal the world. They do not condone the aggressive ways of the Nahuel. Fortunately Keric does not agree with his own people either.
Keric and Dolen are drawn to each other like a moth to a flame and it is not long before they act on that attraction.


But then Keric’s people send a message that they will soon get Keric so he can help them controle the world…

The writing was at times very captivating. Gwynn Marssen really knows how to write great chemistry between people. When Keric and Dolen shared their first kiss, it was so hot, I almost went up in flames.


But I was missing some major things in this book. For example, Keric and Dolen’s age is only mentioned halfway through the book. I felt that the fact that they were 19 and 21 was a pretty big thing to get a better feel for the characters. And it is actually never described what Keric looks like. There were some other things that were never really explained and just left me feeling confused.

An enjoyable read, but I think that with a few more pages and a better background story, this book could have been better.