The Pillar

The Pillar - Kim Fielding The Pillar is a beautiful, touching story about two men who thought they would never find love in their life.

Faris is the town’s healer and has taken it upon himself to rescue the men left on the pillar to die. He tries to save them or in some cases brings a merciful death.

When a man is half beaten to death and left on the pillar, Faris cannot do anything but help the man.


He brings him home and nurses him back to health. The man, Boro, used to be a slave, until his owner left him to die.

These men, both considered outcasts, form a friendship and it is not long before Boro lets Faris know how he would like for their friendship to change into something more.

“It was quite an outing for you. We’ll get back and you can rest while I heat some water. You can bathe, if you like.”
“I’d rather watch you.”
Faris stumbled on a cobblestone, nearly toppling them both.

Faris and Boro were incredibly sweet together. I loved it that they were a bit hesitant towards each other in the beginning. No insta love here.

After spending some time together their attraction developed into something more. It all felt very natural.

They stood like that for a long moment, simply looking at each other. Faris ached to give his lover one last caress, one final kiss. Instead, he tried a weak smile. “Beloved,” he said again.

I adore the writing of Kim Fielding. She has a way with words that pulls a reader in. I love it when an author takes the time to describe every touch, every emotion. It’s the little details that make some books special.

Faris kissed him. Boro’s cheeks were smooth and he tasted slightly of garlic. His lips were a little chapped—in the morning Faris would find him some ointment. He seemed startled at first over the kiss but soon relaxed into it, parting his mouth for Faris’s tongue.

Absolutely recommended.