Brute - Kim Fielding BR with Elsbeth and Carolien

A beautiful book. Loved the writing. Loved the characters. We have not one but two tortured heroes in this one. It felt like Christmas, yay!

This story was just beautiful. Kim Fielding knows how to write with feeling! I was intrigued from page one and really felt like I was there.
Loved the medieval setting.

Brute/Aric, my big gentle giant, I adored him. He was so sweet, so full of love, even though he hadn’t received a lot of love in his life, giving without expecting anything in return. A true hero.

And Gray, my heart broke for him. He did not deserve the punishment he had been given. To live like that… So sad..


The love between these two was so beautiful. Two scarred souls healing each other.


“Please don’t do this,” whispered Aric.
“ Don’t what? ” Gray reached up and cupped his cheek in one hand.
“ Don’t t-tell you my heart beats for you? Don’ t tell you my s-soul sings for you? Don’t tell you that you’re hope to me, l-life to me, the c-center of my fucking universe?”

There was one thing I didn't like, and that was the off page sex.. In some books I don’t mind the off page sex, but in this I did. If ever a book needed more sex, it was this one.
There was so much anticipation from my side and then…… nothing… I was so disappointed. I really felt the love between Aric and Gray and I was therefore hoping for some wonderful physical expression of those feelings, preferably several pages long. But no… no sex…

It is still a beautiful story with a fairy tale kind of feel.

Highly recommended.