I Slept with Slender Man

I Slept with Slender Man - Emma  Steele This book deserves 3 stars just because of the complete weirdness of it all. It was absolutely terrible. I had SO much fun!

This was the weirdest read for Weird Shit Wednesday yet.
I need someone to erase the memory of what I've just read.

Let’s see if I can capture my main feeling about this book.


Yes this about sums it up.

To get a feel for the story:

We have an 18-year old horny girl who dreams of 25 feet long dicks.. Yes, very normal..

We have Slender man, the alien with the long… eeuhh. .. limbs.

For the rest of the story I am just going for my ‘favorite’ quotes..

It was as if his penis was running itself through the entirety of Virginia’s body. Virginia choked. The man’s penis hit the tip of her esophagus. Yes, the penis was passing through her body. She continued to choke, but realized it wasn’t an unpleasant sensation like it was in the real world. Instead, it felt fantastic. As if she had a G-Spot in her throat and the man was hitting it at just the right angle.

Then his butt grew until perhaps it was the biggest butt that a guy had ever had, pushing Virginia off the bed of flesh and forcing her against the wall. Despite the butt’s immense girth, Virginia wasn’t disgusted. Rather, she was even more turned on. And the butt didn’t stop there. It got bigger and bigger until it engulfed her.
Virginia suddenly found herself inside her lover’s anus.

She screamed in pleasure as she journeyed up through his digestive system, through the twists and turns of his intestines, and through his stomach.
Wait…were those penguins?
Yes, they were penguins. Why were live penguins roaming around her man’s stomach?

Yes, penguins….

The End.