Dark Soul Vol. 1

Dark Soul Vol. 1 - Aleksandr Voinov This book was way out of my comfort zone. I liked it, but I was also a bit creeped out by some bits.


The one thing I cannot stand in my books is an MC who is happily married. I mean, really…? I am supposed to be okay with him suddenly realizing he loves men and therefore cheating on his wife, whom he supposedly loves very much? Yeah… not buying that.

This is a very dark book. There is no other way to put it. It deals with crime bosses, cheating (not between MC’s), violent sex and sex between other people than our MC’s. It did not leave me with warm and fuzzy feelings.

But even though I would normally stay far away from these kind of books, I am intrigued enough to want to read the rest. The writing is impeccable. I felt every emotion, felt how Stefano struggled with all of his wants and desires.

This is one of those series that could start a certain way only for it to go a really different way. I hope it will not go as it did in this book. These characters could still redeem themselves. So I am moving on to the next book.