Double Up

Double Up - Vanessa North What a sweet book this was!
I am usually not one for books that deal with sports of any kind, but the wakeboarding in this book was never the main focus. And even when they were wakeboarding, it was never confusing. It was all kept very simple, yet realistic.

A sweet romance with incredibly cute men. What more could a woman want.

I loved it that Ben and Dave were so loving with each other. No macho stuff.

I’m poised to ring the bell when he throws the door open and pulls me inside. His hands are everywhere, my face, my shoulders, my waist, and that’s a hell of a welcome, but his lips are my real hello. They close over mine so soft and so much sweeter than I expect from the hunger in his hands.
Hello, I missed you; hold me, please.



A light, fun read.