Speechless - Kim Fielding This was a disappointment for me. I was intrigued by the story, but apparently not enough.
This is a short book (39 pages on my e-reader) and a lot happens. I would have liked it better if everything was a bit more fleshed out.

We have Travis, who walks home every day, seeing a man sitting on front of a house. One day Travis approaches the man and the man gives him a card. His name is Drew and because of an accident he cannot speak or write, but he can understand everything perfectly.


The two of them form a friendship and the lack of words coming from Drew is never an issue. He uses his hands to express himself and Travis understands him just fine.
They fall in love, but then Travis has to move because otherwise he will lose his job. But neither of them is happy without the other one and Travis decides to fight for his love.

I was happy to read that Kim Fielding handled the issue of Drew’s aphasia pretty well. I never felt it was a problem between the two of them.
But that being said, I never really connected with either of them. And when the sex scenes were skated over I was like

Sometimes when I don’t feel a connection with the characters I love it when an author throws in a good sex scene, because then I would feel the longing, the want, the love for each other. But nope, none of that here.

An intriguing story, but not a very good execution. I was pretty bored and glad to be done with it.