Red Dirt Heart

Red Dirt Heart - N.R. Walker A beautiful cowboy book, set in Australia. Very low on the angst.
Sweet cowboys and hot sex, what more could we want.


This is the story of Charlie, a young cowboy in the outback of Australia. After his father’s death, he now runs the farm alone.
One day he meets Travis, a student from America, who is there to help out and to learn more about how things work in Australia.

Charlie immediately feels Travis is different from anyone else. Travis makes him laugh. Charlie feels like he can let go when he’s around Travis.

The two of them become very close and that results in some hot man on man action.


I loved the way miss Walker always knows how to make me feel like I was there. I could almost taste the red dirt.

And the tenderness Travis and Charlie displayed with each other, loved it. They were so sweet together. And the sex…


Do I need to say more?

So anyone in the mood for some hot, sweaty, yet tender cowboy loving, read this book.