Goat Suckin': Hotter Than It Sounds

Goat Suckin': Hotter Than It Sounds - Dixon Heurass A Weird Shit Wednesday read. It was awful. I liked it.

But I do feel cheated!! There are no goats in this book. And there is no goat sucking. Not that I was looking forward to some goat sucking… but….. I want my money back!

What a disappointment.
I was hoping for some goats in this book. What do I do with all of my goat pictures now?

Man (Doug) with huge dick has a big fixation with said dick.

His only relief came in spurts when he unzipped his pants to piss. Then, his generous member would snake its way down his legs, plumping luxuriously as the blood flow returned to the head. Doug would breathe deep and just let his dong swing for as long as he could.


Doug lusts after a woman with enormous hair growth.
(Not going for a picture here, just use your imagination!)

Then, Estefani turned a bit and Doug got a full view of her front side. He had never understood how the slang term “beaver” had caught on for describing a woman’s vagina, but now, staring directly at Estefani’s rich, sumptuous pelt of fur that reached almost to her belly button and down along her thighs, he realized that every other word was inadequate.

Turns out she is the ‘goat sucker’ they have been hunting and she has a few surprises up her sleeve.

From out of the mass of hair stretched five tentacles.
After the tentacles came the teeth. Row after row of mismatched, horrible teeth. They looked like Elmer Fudd’s swinging-saloon-door mouth after he bites into an anvil. Then the eyes. These were spider eyes. Shark eyes. Black, thoughtless asymmetrical pits. Estefani’s snatch was a terrible, freakish Godless abomination. And yet…

Of course Doug is totally into monster porn.

Death by tentacle orgasm... THE END….

I’m beginning to think men find tentacles hot.
So, should I buy this then?