Untitled Dark Space

Darker Space - Lisa Henry ”Am I your heartbeat again?”
“You always have been.


What a rollercoaster this was.

I did have some trouble getting into the story and I have to say I thoroughly disliked the first 30%. After that it got better, but I was still waiting for Brady to get his head out of his ass.

We have Brady and Cam, who are now living on earth, raising Lucy. Brady is still extremely unsatisfied with his life. I was okay with his ‘we’re all gonna die’ attitude in book one. I was not okay with his ‘life is meaningless and I don’t deserve happiness’ attitude in this one.

But I started to like this book more and more when they were back on the space station. Yes, Brady is still afraid of space. But he started to face his fears.


What I wanted was for Brady and Cam to have their connection. And I don’t mean their psychic connection (even though that is VERY COOL), but I just wanted to feel the love. And I almost didn’t. Brady was busy wallowing in his fears and Cam was busy being perfect. But then the last 30% happened. It was

I was so relieved when Brady finally realized some things. He finally got what mattered to him, Cam and Lucy.

I even liked Kai-Ren. Brady’s explanation of Cam’s time with the Faceless made so much sense to me. I finally understood what the Faceless were all about. And Brady did too. This was what I have been waiting for since book 1 (an explanation as to why Cam just let everything happen when he was with the Faceless).

That’s why I am eagerly awaiting the last book of this series. I LOVED how this one ended (minor spoiler)(with Lucy, with Doc(!), with the friendship between Brady and the other guys).

So Lisa, can you hurry?