Werecake - Rosa Steel This week we have a Werecake for our Weird Shit Wednesday read.

This was the most boring shitty book I have ever read. It wasn’t even funny.

Chase sees a cupcake and she thinks one thing: Must have cupcake!

She really lusts after it and just wants a taste of it. After eating half of it, she sets the rest aside and falls asleep on the couch.

But when she wakes, there is a naked man in her kitchen. She immediately has it all figured out, that man is her cupcake! Yeah, right….

“You,” she said with growing confidence, “are the cupcake.” He recoiled in horror, ran a hand through his hair. “Um...”
“I bought you from the supermarket,” Chase pointed accusingly, “I almost ate all of you! Then you squeaked!”
For a moment it looked like he would keep pretending, but then his beautiful face crumpled in a grimace. “Yeah, well, it hurt.”

Without any further introduction they have hot animal sex.



I was soooo bored while reading this one. The writing wasn’t even bad enough to consider this a terribly weird read.

1 star, but only for the cupcake.


Still think we should have gone for the puppet fucking one…
[bc:I Fucked the Puppet|15749016|I Fucked the Puppet|Fannie Tucker|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1342141548s/15749016.jpg|21441752]