My Robot Body Will Make You Cum

My Robot Body Will Make You Cum - Dixon Heurass A special weird shit read with my girls Kat, Elsbeth, Britta and DoodlePanda.
This time on Thursday, because we couldn’t wait for next Wednesday to read more shit written by the wonderful Dixon Heurass (author of the famous Goat Suckin’ book).

This is the story of James. A fanatic robot lover. He doesn’t just like robots, he wants to be a robot.


But now, he wanted to be an automated fucking machine. Whenever he got really horny, he'd bust out his costume. Katrina played along the first few times, but soon grew bored. She needed new, exciting sexual experiences, not the same, old, everyday robot sex.

So he undergoes surgery to make his dream come true and fuck his wife like a robot fucking machine.


His robot form comes with some extras.

He spun his cockrevolver like a gunfighter in the old west, stopping it on dick number one: the liquid metal omnidick. This was a perfect first choice. The shiny, reflective tube snaked from out of his groin in between Katrina's flaps. It wormed its way perfectly deep into her body and then began to pump and throb, growing, plumping with a steady rhythm.


And deepthroating has never been easier.

Katrina panicked for a second. She hadn't had time to take in a preparatory breath, but she marveled as her body continued to breathe freely and easily as James' cock crawled its way down her throat to tickle her ribcage from the inside.

Being a sex robot does have its perks.

James unscrewed his head and held it beneath his waist so he could get a closeup of view of Katrina's lips as she sucked him off. He watched with fascination as her throat bulged and contracted with each thrust.


After breaking Katrina’s pelvis, he makes her part robot too.
How thoughtful of James.

And we have oil cum, yay!

James couldn't hold it in any more. He released a quart of boiling hot oil into Katrina. He screamed with her now. As the superheated robocum leaked out of Katrina's metal pussy, it burned the bed sheets, causing a few small fires.


This was another excellent read from the clinically insane Dixon Heurass. Don’t we love him?