18% Gray

18% Gray - Anne Tenino I have absolutely no idea what this book was about. Really, no idea.


Let me explain the things I did figure out.

James treated Matt like crap in high school because Matt was gay. 7 years later Matt needs to rescue James (don’t ask me why). A lot of spy stuff going on and the two of them need to escape, on foot.
That’s about it. Oh and James has been a guinea pig for experiments to he can feel people emotions/intentions. And he can talk to animals. Well, he can sense their emotions and he can send his own emotions back.

While on the run, Matt and James fall for each other. It appears both of them were attracted to each other in high school.

The rest was really really confusing. I believe they live in a world where being gay is a bad thing (I think). And people with the gay gene need to be rehabilitated. Something like that.

The most part of this book was angst free. That was nice. Their major problem was to escape safely. But near the end there was suddenly an overdose of angst. Self-doubt, not being able to communicate, you name it.


And the end.. I think it was supposed to be a HEA, but it was all very hesitant. I was not happy.

I didn’t really like this book. It was okay, but because I didn’t understand half of it, the romance had to be pretty good to hold my attention. But it wasn’t. Is was all very meh.