Unwrapping Hank

Unwrapping Hank - Eli Easton Well, this was a nice Christmas story.

The book started out really strong for me.

We meet Sloane, who has just joined a frat house. He likes it there, but gets a lot of animosity from Hank, a fellow fraternity member. But when they get assigned to arrange the Christmas party, they have no choice but to work closely together.

Sloane was cute! I really liked him. He was snarky, but also pretty straightforward. He did not hide who he was and I liked his ‘what you see is what you get’ attitude.

And then there is Hank… The main reason I am not rating this book higher. I still don’t really like him.
I can really understand people being somewhat oblivious to their own sexuality, and being in the closet, sure, I will go along with this. I understand that Hank had trouble admitting to himself he was gay.

But I do feel very strongly about people’s behavior. Because there is never an excuse to act like a total dick to someone just because you are confused.


And that is what happened here. I know I am pretty unforgiving in that matter, sorry. A lot of people will probably love this book. But I have to like both my MC’s for a book to work for me. I know everything ends well and Hank does come around. But only after his brother tried to hit on Sloane, Hank knows he has to do something about his attraction to Sloane.


There was sex at the end, and it was really good.


And I really did like the parents. They were awesome.

So, my final opinion, it could have been better.