Dirty Kiss

Dirty Kiss - Rhys Ford Audio book

This was my second audiobook and my first book I only listened to instead of reading it. And I must say, Greg Tremblay did a fine job narrating this story! The voices, the accents, just wow!

I really really liked this one. I am normally not one for the whodunit, but paired with Cole’s hilarious voice, I enjoyed every bit of it.

Cole McGinnis is a private investigator, hired to investigate the murder of a Korean man, Hyun-Shik. During this investigation he meets Jae-Min, Hyun-Shik’s cousin. Cole finds himself in the most peculiar situations during this investigation. And he cannot get Jae-Min out of his head. Their paths keep crossing because there is someone who wants both of them dead. And of course this results in HOT sex and eventually loooooove…

There is immediate attraction between Cole and Jae-Min and I loved how tender and loving they were together (but fucked like bunnies, OMG that was HOT!).


And I really liked Jae-Min, boyish and sweet, but feisty. And Cole, I cannot express my love for him enough.


I don’t think I will ever get tired of reading about these two. Never a dull moment.

So on to the next book!