Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line - M.D. Saperstein, Andria Large BR with Elsbeth.

3.5 stars

It looks like authors of mostly M/F books that decide to write a M/M book in the middle of a M/F series all stick to the same formula.

- Lot of women. And I’m sad to say they are the kind of women that made me stop reading M/F romance.
- There is a detailed sex scene between one of the MCs with a woman to prove his masculinity.
- One or both of the MCs consider being gay as a bad thing.


I wasn’t too sure about this book when I started because of all the points I just mentioned. It’s so obviously a M/M book in the middle of a M/F series.

But somewhere along the way I did start to like it.

These guys were pretty sweet together once Parker got over his issues.


I have to say I was expecting more of the whole famous actors thing. These guys spend most of their time together when they’re not working. None of the so called hot scenes they were filming was on page. That disappointed me.

Also, if you are writing about famous actors, please keep it a bit more realistic. I would have imagined these two having their PR person tell them what to do when rumors about their gay relationship started coming out to the press. I hardly think they can decide for themselves what to say to the public.

Still, it was an enjoyable book, with some angst at the end.

And an extremely sappy HEA, which I actually liked.