When All the World Sleeps

When All the World Sleeps - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock Re-read January 3 2016

Still really love this story.


I know when Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock write something together they accomplish awesome things. And this was no exception.


This is a story about Daniel. Daniel, who sleepwalks. And does awful things when he is asleep. When he was attacked by a group of men, for being gay, his unconscious, sleeping self got up one night and took revenge. He burned down the house of his assailant with him in it. After his prison sentence, he is even more of a pariah in the small town then before.


Joe Belman ‘Bel’ is one of the local policemen. He encounters Daniel one night and is puzzled at how one moment Daniel acts like he is drunk on his ass and the next he is instantly sober and acting like a different person. This makes him wonder if what Daniel has told people about his sleepwalking habits could really be true. He takes pity on Daniel and tries to help him. But the only help Daniel will accept is confinement. He wants Bel to restrain him and overpower him. He wants someone else to be in control for a change. Bel is surprised but also very intrigued..

I loved Daniel. He was such a sweet character. My heart broke for him. He went through an awful thing and he was just trying to cope. What he had to endure because of the stupid towns people.. they got on my nerve and I wanted to slap all of them.

I never felt like Daniel was enjoying his depression. I think he was only depressed because of his condition, what he went through and his lack of sleep. He welcomed Bel into his life and he wanted to live, no matter how hard it was.
And Bel, I loved the way he was with Daniel, sweet, considerate, yet controlling when Daniel needed it.

The BDSM element in this one was very well done. It started out as something Daniel needed because of his sleepwalking but didn’t enjoy. But I was happy to see that Daniel and Bel both liked it when Bel got all controlling.


This was such a great read.