Welcome to the Dark Side

Welcome to the Dark Side - James   Cox BR with my lovely buddy in crime, Tara

What a wonderful short story.

Welcome to hell.

Where Anarchy rules.

“My name is Anarchy. I rule the domain known as hell, and baby, I like it hot. My boots are steal tipped, a whip is always on my belt and my cock is always ready to ravage.”

He is ruthless for all sinners.


That is until Josh is delivered to hell. Josh is barely 18 years old and obviously innocent. Anarchy is immediately drawn to him and does everything in his power to protect him and make Josh his.

Being the rules of hell comes with some perks. Everything you wish for with just a snap of your fingers…


I was mesmerized by his tongue. It licked the white cream off his lips and had my cock twitching in my pants. They were suddenly very, very tight. I snapped my fingers. The pants disappeared and were replaced by a red towel. It was warm and gave my erection more room to breathe.

I loved this little story of the ruler of hell falling in love. An amazing story for just 22 pages. Entertaining, smutty and a HEA, what more could I want.