Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry - Heidi Cullinan Re-read June 7th 2015
Wonderful re-read. Just what I needed.


Thank you Marte, for writing such a raving review about this book. That is what made me read it. And I loved it!

After reading the first page I was sure I wouldn’t like this book. Because I have a confession to make….. please don’t kill me.. But I don’t like cowboys… I know, I know.. what’s not to like? I just don’t like the boots, the hat, the attitude… The only cowboys I ever liked were Charlie and Travis from Red Dirt Heart.

So when we meet Denver at the first page…. I did not like him. I mean.. even the name.. Denver.. *shudders* But okay, I became pretty intrigued when we got to the part where Adam and Denver made their laundry pretty dirty…. It was SO HOT, OMG!


After that I decided I had to read on. I could not stop.

I absolutely adored Adam and his OCD. He was so cute. But my heart broke for him with the way his OCD bothered him and controlled his life. He was the one who had the biggest issue with it. He was always afraid to lose the people around him because of his strange obsessions. But the most important people in his life loved him no matter what.

And Denver… I must admit. I loved him! He was so good to Adam. I loved the way he dealt with Adam’s OCD.

And did I mention the sex in this book? No? I should have mentioned this sooner, because OMG, the sex in this book was off the chart hot! Denver and Adam develop a Dom/sub relationship almost from the start because it really helps Adam with his OCD. But not only with his OCD, these two totally get into it! It was absolutely awesome!

This is a book without too much angst and with a lot of romance, love and sex. Everyone should read it!