Geeking Out on 11C

Geeking Out on 11C - L.L. Bucknor I really really liked this one.
Give me a shy, geeky guy like Ed anytime!

Ed is 34 and a total homebody. He is shy, geeky, and loves his video games. He also has a major crush on his 24 year old muscular neighbor, Mateo. And it seems like Mateo is showing an interest in Ed as well.

I really loved Ed and his inability to form normal sentences when confronted with Mateo. The things he blurted out, I loved it. Fortunately Mateo loved it as well.

There was some hot sex as well. I love it when the bigger guy bottoms!


The one thing I absolutely did not like in this short story is 2 pages of unnecessary angst. I have no idea what it did there. That’s the one thing that made this cute story less than what it could have been.