To Catch A Fox

To Catch A Fox - Geoffrey Knight, Ethan Day DNF at 20%

This didn’t work for me at all.

- Terrible writing. Waaaaaay to much tell and almost no show. It was like reading a grocery list. The first chapter went on and on. A short summery of the events would have sufficed for me. And what is with a flashback in the middle of a scene? Very confusing.
- I didn’t like Fox. I read 50 pages about the man and I knew nothing about his personality. And because I couldn’t connect with him I had to go with his actions. And they did not got me all on board with the Fox train.
He has just blinded a client set out to kill him, but instead of simply disarming her and getting the gun, he runs away? And the final straw was when he just made a date with Tucker, a page later he fucks another man over his desk. I had absolutely no respect for Fox after that.

Other people may have gotten past all of this, but I have to like my characters to enjoy a book. And with the terrible writing there was not a lot left to enjoy for me.