On Fire

On Fire - Drew Zachary Reread on March 1.
Yep, just as hot the second time.


WOW, I was in the mood for this. This is one massive PWP!
But I must admit, it was a good one. Yes, it was mainly sex, but it was good sex! It was hot and sizzling.

This book has one incredibly horny 18 year old student, Sam.

And we have one very hot 32 year old firefighter, Robert.

Sam is totally insatiable when it comes to Robert. These two have sex all the time! On the table, in the kitchen, on the ground, against the wall….

I adooooored Sam. He was so bouncy, I loved it. He just said whatever came to mind, no filter whatsoever.
Robert was perfect for Sam. He just went with the flow. Sam was an unstoppable force and Robert never wanted to tone him down. I loved that about him.

There were some sweet, tender moments between the sex. So it wasn’t all sex. There was some romance. Just enough to keep me interested.

Don’t expect this story to contain a lot of depth. But if you are looking for something hot, without angst and some tender moments, go for it!