Sounds of Love

Sounds of Love - Susan Laine This book was recommended to me by Gigi. Thank you for this!

I loved it. I have no idea if this book is very authentic with the way it deals with Sebastian’s deafness. At times I wondered if it wasn’t all a bit too easy. It didn’t feel like a hindrance for the MC’s at all. And perhaps this is true, I wouldn’t know. I still enjoyed the heck out of this one.

This is a book about Jordan, a cocky police officer. He has set his eyes on police volunteer Sebastian. Once these two meet for the first time, Jordan pursues Sebastian relentlessly. The fact that Sebastian is deaf is no problem for Jordan at all. He just knows he must have him.

I kept admiring Sebastian with my gaze. The young man fidgeted in his seat, all too aware of my stare. He licked his lips, and I was hungry. I couldn’t remember when I’d last wanted a guy this bad.

Jordan was a funny guy, I liked him. In the past he was never one for a serious relationship, or any relationship. But after meeting Sebastian this changes. I loved the fact that these two had an immediate connection. There was never any doubt in Jordan’s mind that Sebastian was special to him and that he just wanted to be with him.

Sebastian was an incredibly sweet guy. He was adorable. I was intrigued with the way he handled his deafness from the start. It never seemed like an issue to him. He was only bothered by it because he could not become a real cop, but had to settle for being a paid volunteer.

No significant angst in this one. All was sweet and loving, but never boring.


And even though this story takes place over a span of several weeks, it didn’t feel like insta-love.

The writing was pretty good. I did feel like the author was trying a bit too hard at times. A bit too much descriptions or a bit too much attempt at humor. But overall, I enjoyed it a great deal.