Strong Enough

Strong Enough - Cardeno C. Re-read July 20 2015

I think I loved it even more the second time.
Great hurt/comfort story.


This can be read as a stand-alone.

What a wonderful wonderful story. I loved it.


We have the 38 year old shy professor, Spencer.
And we have the hot 22 year old construction worker Emilio.

In this book 38 year old Spencer works as a professor at a university. He notices the hot construction men working next to the university immediately. Especially one, Emilio. But Spencer is way too shy to even think about approaching the hot younger man.

Emilio is attracted to the shy professor immediately. So when he sees a chance, he goes for it. He talks to Spencer and makes it clear he wants to do a lot more than talk. Emilio doesn’t take no for an answer so it is not long before they go to Spencer’s place. Fortunately Emilio knows what he wants, so when he takes the reins, Spencer gladly hands them over.

When it is clear Spencer’s house could use some work, Emilio volunteers to work on the house, with one condition, he wants to move in while doing the renovation. And how could Spencer decline such an offer?

This book is incredibly sweet. It is almost insta-love, but for once, I didn’t mind at all. These men were so cute together that I just held on and enjoyed the ride.

Spencer was so sweet with the way he had absolutely no idea what to do with Emilio. Spencer was hurt in the past (physically and emotionally) and sex was a bit of a problem for him.
I loved how Emilio wanted to take care of Spencer and how he was always so patient with him.

This book was very sweet, and had a some very funny moments. I especially liked Emilio’s family and how even his brothers wanted to protect Spencer.

“Who is that?” Henry said from behind Emilio.
He looked back over his shoulder. “Spencer’s ex. Guy’s a total asshole.”
“Should we take care of him?” Henry asked immediately.
“Who’s the guy talking to Spencer?” Martin asked as he picked up his cue.
“Spencer’s ex-boyfriend,” Emilio said, glancing over at the two men again. “Huh,” Martin responded. “Should we go take care of him?” he asked.
“We’re not in the fuckin’ Mafia,” Henry said, as if he hadn’t just suggested the same thing.

Great read, low on the angst, with amazing sex scenes. This book is bound to make you feel better after a bad day.