Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain - Cardeno C. BR with sweet Britta.

3.5 stars

The beginning of this book really confused me. It starts with mentioning so many things, that I was under the impression I must have started the second book in a series.

Things like this:

His history as the person responsible for eviscerating the three men who had served as their Betas while his brother killed the previous Alpha made him the stuff of nightmares to their parents. The fact that Mitch and Frederick hadn’t asked for the battle and that the men had all been abusive to their pack wasn’t enough to completely eliminate their fears.

Wait, what..? These sort of things are all casually mentioned. It was confusing.


The writing was absolutely not what I’m used to from Cardeno C. It was almost sloppy. Strange info dropping and confusing scenes.

But once I stopped paying attention to this I liked it. But this could also be because I have such a soft spot for the small guys who were mistreated in the past and who’s trust has to be earned.


This story is all about Simon, who is found in pack territory and Mitch, the alpha’s twin brother. The two turn out to be mates. But Simon has not been treated well in the past so Mitch has to earn his trust.


Not much else happens, but it was enough. I liked it.



I know Harry Potter has absolutely nothing to do with werewolves, but hey, I like Harry (in a totally non-sexual way).

I will finish with a random HP gif, just because I can.