The Half of Us

The Half of Us - Cardeno C. Re-read June 5th

Still as good the second time.


BR with my sweet lady, Elsbeth

I have read two books by Cardeno C. now and I must say…. I like her style! She writes sweet, compelling stories without overdoing it.

Her characters are well rounded, are not flawless and are interesting enough to keep me glued to my seat, even after the first sex scene (where it often goes wrong for me).

This story is about two people who were not expecting to fall in love with each other.

Jason, a surgeon, was expecting to have an amazing hot one night stand with the sweet guy he picked up from the bar.

Abe was taking a chance for once in his life by bringing home the sexy guy he met on his birthday. A present to himself.


When their one night stand turns into two, they still tell themselves it is just sex.. But it was never just sex between them..

The sex scenes were amazing! Jason had a delicious dirty mouth and these two knew how to get it on. Great chemistry!


I am not one for books where one of the MC’s is divorced and has children. But in this it never once bothered me.

I loved it how this romance gradually evolved into something more. It all felt so natural.

This is a book without angst, I loved that about it. Yes, Jason was struggling with his feelings for Abe. But Abe just gave him space to figure things out without pushing. And Jason never wanted Abe to be far from his side. So together they figured it out as they went along.

A very nice, satisfying read without being too sugary sweet.