Prince Among Wolves (Kingdom of Three, #1)

Prince Among Wolves (Kingdom of Three, #1) - tylerfucklin, zimothy This was a very sweet Sterek. I loved it.
It’s strange because normally I don’t like books with young children in it. Because they are often portrayed as annoying or they do not act their age at all. But this one was quite good.

In this one Stiles is hired by Derek as a babysitter for his twin boys. Stiles was his normal awkward self. I have to share my favorite quote with you guys.

“He also didn’t use to do the face-touching thing, either. That part I’m still confused about. I tried asking him, you know. He broke a cantaloupe with his bare hands. It was like I asked him if he likes to stick his--erm… love rocket… into vacuum hoses or something.”

I loved Olly and Andy. They were adorable. And they still felt authentic enough for me. They did act like I would expect from 4 year old twins, well, werewolf twins.


This revolves around the kids a lot and I adored the fact that Stiles helped Derek accept Andy for who she was. Or wanted to be, a girl, not a boy.

Derek stepped out of his bedroom, dress swaying around his legs as he approached with a cheap dollar store tiara on his head, and another one in his hands that was meant for Andy.
“It’s okay to be a princess, if that’s what makes you happy,” he said stiffly, brandishing the tiara like a peace offering.

This is a slow burner. Not a lot happens in the smut department, at first. Stiles and Derek fall slowly for each other and I loved it! There was never a moment where I was missing the smut. And when they do finally admit their feelings for each other and get it on, oh yeah!


This book ends with some loose ends, but overall this was a cute, sweet Sterek read!