Spook: A Ghostly Love Story in Three Parts

Spook: A Ghostly Love Story in Three Parts - Zosofi 4.5 stars

This was awesome!!

It seems I like the Stereks where Stiles and Derek haven’t met before the most. I like it that they have to get to know each other.
It’s okay with me if the book resembles the show, but I like it best if the characters are all there, but all have different relations to each other than in the show. It makes it more interesting.

Here we have Derek, who has died in a house fire, along with his family, when he was 15. He turns into a ghost and haunts the place for 6 years. Until a new family moves in. This would be 16 year old Stiles and his father, the deputy.

Stiles sees ghosts, always has.


He has been helping them to cross over. So when he encounters the ghost werewolf in his own home, he wants to help.

He learns from a girl in school, Lydia, that he is a mediator, just like her. Mediators can see ghosts, help them cross over, but can also time shift to help stop certain events in the past.

Stiles is trying to figure out how to go back to the past to stop the hunters from burning Derek’s house down.

And of course Stiles and ghost Derek fall in love…

What a great story! I loved it. Mediator Stiles and ghost Derek were incredibly cute together. And there is a lovely HEA. I loved how the writer solved everything.

No sex in this one, but there is a short sequel for those of us who crave the smexy times in our books.