Acting Out

Acting Out - Scotty Cade
***2.5 stars***

BR with my girls, Karen, Tara and Elsbeth.

----Spoilers ahead---

I am angry at this book. Really angry.

This book started out great. We have Eli and Hamish, who meet in the gay for pay business. Eli is struggling with his feelings about having sex with men for money while he’s not gay, so he takes it slow. He starts with a solo job and works his way up to the real sex.
So far so good.

I wasn’t sure how the whole gay for pay thing would be explained. But I was happy with how the subject was handled.

“I hate putting labels on anyone,” he said, “but technically, most people define being gay as anyone who has relations with the same sex. However, in my opinion, being gay might be what you are, but it doesn’t define who you are. Most guys come into this biz thinking they are most definitely straight, including myself, but most of us leave identifying as bisexual.”

Hamish looks out for Eli and the two form a great friendship. When they have their first scene together, it was so hot, my underwear caught fire.

So I was feeling very content about this book so far.

But then at 80% it suddenly all went downhill. Let me list the things that bugged me. Bigtime!
- We get angst, major angst! Eli cannot wrap his head around the fact that he has feelings for Hamish, but feels that he is not gay. So he tells Hamish they cannot see each other anymore. These guys go from being friends to being angry with each other all the time.
- The guys are threatened by some crazy stalker all of a sudden. I felt this could have been completely left out. It did not make sense to introduce us to this story line at 80%.
- The police get involved and make totally unrealistic conclusions based on a hunch.
- When Hamish goes out for a run, Eli is scared something happened to him. Hamish promised him he wouldn’t go out alone. So Eli gets so angry with him, he punches him! Right in the face. How on earth is that okay? If you are angry at someone you don’t go around hitting them. I don’t care that both of them are men.
- After the big stalker scene everything is suddenly alright. They say ‘I love you’ and all is forgiven. The end scene with the kidnapping and the HEA literally lasts 8 pages. A bit more would have been nice. There was a lot of unfinished business. It was very confusing.

This book could have been a 4 star book for me, but now it only gets 2,5 stars and even that is stretching it. The last 20% just sucked, big time!

I am not happy.