Say Something

Say Something - onrooftops Hmm, what to say about this Sterek. It was okay, but nothing mind-blowing. There were parts I didn’t really like.

In this one Stiles has insomnia.


This could have been great, but it never focusses on this. It just is. Stiles is tired, but can function fine apparently. I would have liked it if it was a bit more fleshed out. It is mentioned that he often doesn’t sleep for several days in a row, but that was it, too much tell and no show. It was confusing.

Stiles was not that authentic in this story. He wasn’t very funny and was mostly pretty depressed.

The romance was not very romantic. It starts with Derek sleeping in Stiles’ bed at night.


After several nights they kiss. And apparently from that moment they are officially dating. No real inner turmoil. No thoughts about how incredibly HOT Derek was or how Stiles wanted to do the naughty with him. Nope, nothing.

There is a tiny bit of sex at the end, but it wasn’t very good.

The story line was similar to the show and it was interesting, but it concentrated on that way too much. I wanted it to be more about Stiles and Derek. But it wasn’t.