Just A Game

Just A Game - A.J. Ridges 3.5 stars

Now this was quite a sexy story, although very unrealistic.


If you’re looking for something real, you might want to skip this one. This one is just for when you’re in the mood for a short, sexy read.

Bryan has invited his neighbor Ben over to watch a game. Both are quite startled when sex noises begin to emerge from Bryan’s roommate’s bedroom. The roommate is quite vocal and Bryan feels really uncomfortable.

But after this Bryan can’t seem to stop thinking about Ben, and sex, and sex with Ben. The two form a close friendship, but neither is gay. So why can’t Bryan stop thinking about him.

When Bryan goes out with his roommate to a gay club he is quite surprised to see Ben there. Now this scene was VERY unrealistic and weird. Bryan sees Ben getting a blowjob from some guy, in the middle of the club. When Ben sees Bryan, he pushes the guy away and Bryan takes over. Now that was just ugh…. not sexy in my opinion. But okay, I just went with it. After that the two cannot deny being totally gay for each other.

Hot sex ensues.