Five Dates

Five Dates - Amy Jo Cousins Re-read October 4 2015

This one never disappoints.


This was freaking adorable!

After reading the prompt, I wasn’t so sure I would like this one. But I loved it!

When Devin loses a bet with his sister, he needs to go out on five dates. His sister posts a picture of him on a dating site and arranges which men he will go out with. But she used an old picture of him, a picture of 13 years ago...

So when he meets Jay for his first date, Jay is angry for being lied to. Jay is 25 and was looking for someone more his own age. But after the rocky start the two do hit it off. Unfortunately Jay doesn’t want another older man like his last boyfriend. And Devin still has to go on four more dates…

Cute, funny, adorable and sexy!