Cornerstone - Vendelin This fanfic could easily be about other people than Stiles and Derek. Just replace the names and it has nothing to do with either of them.

Derek is a war veteran who has just returned to Beacon Hills. He suffers from severe PTSD and he buys a bookshop to have something to do.

One day a blind man walks in. It is Stiles with his dog, Steve.

Stiles keeps coming by the bookstore and it is not long before the two form a friendship.
After hanging out for some time Stiles asks Derek to help him with something. Since Stiles has no experience in the sex department he asks Derek if he can experiment with him..


I really liked this book right up until 86%. When Derek has a severe flashback due to his PTSD and runs away from Stiles. I understand it was hard for Derek to tell Stiles about his PTSD, but not talking about it at all…?? And after he left Stiles at the party, he runs back to New York and ignores Stiles for a month! Why?? This sort of angst really gets on my nerves. I hate it.


So the book lost a star because of it.

A dark Sterek read from Derek’s POV with a small part of unnecessary angst at the end.