Now as Ever (All That Is and Has Been)

Now as Ever (All That Is and Has Been) - venis_envy This was good. Really good.

This is not the carefree Stiles we all know and love. But it is still Stiles and I loved him in this book! It was dark, but not too dark. It all felt very realistic. No drama just because of the drama. There are no miscommunications or stupid things happening between Stiles and Derek. There is simply love, and a deep longing for each other. Just how I like it.

Stiles suddenly finds himself in the Beacon Hills of 10 years ago. He meets 17 year old Derek and his family there.

Stiles doesn’t know if he will ever return to his own time and because he knows bad things will happen, he is pretty stressed out. I loved the feeling of impending doom.

This book was just so full of emotion.


My heart broke for Stiles when kept going to the library every Saturday to hear his mother read to the children there.


And the way Stiles and past Derek fell in love, their deep connection, in the past and in the present, simply beautiful.

And there was enough Sterek sex to keep us entertained in that area. But my favorite part was the beautiful scene at the end with Stiles and present day Derek. It wasn’t just sex, it was a declaration of pure love.


Read it, all you Sterek fans.