Rescued - Felice Stevens This was so sugary sweet, my teeth hurt.


I know I said I wanted something fluffy, but OMG this was a bit much, even for me.

The guys get together around halfway through the book. There is also a lot of I love you going on. Fine by me, but it was a bit too much at times.
There was unnecessary angst, which I hate, for all of 2 pages! And it didn’t contribute anything, so I would have been fiiiiine if it had been left out completely.

This book has a nice GFY and centers a lot around the family and friends of Ryder and Jason.

There was one thing that I really didn’t buy and that was Jason’s brother, Liam. I mean, he turns from a bigoted homophobic into an I-will-support-all-gay-people person with 1 conversation.


Soooo…. this was nice, nothing more.