Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche - Nash Summers 3.5 stars

Jude has severe OCD and social anxiety. He doesn’t leave his apartment at all and never talks to people, except for a skype conversation once a week with a friend.

That all changes when he get a new next door neighbor, Devin. Devin is kind, he is sweet, and he is very patient. He knocks on Jude’s door every day to simply talk. And Jude finds himself pushing his boundaries more and more.

I loved how this book was short, yet handled Jude’s condition very well. It never felt rushed even though Jude goes through so much to get to a place where he is not ruled by his OCD.

I loved how sweet Devin was. How he got Jude to open up and push his limits a bit more every day.

My one complaint was that I would have liked a bit more time spent with Jude and Devin actually together.

This has a lovely HEA and I liked it even more because we got the smexy times at the end.