An Old-Fashioned Love Song

An Old-Fashioned Love Song - Michelle K. Grant When I started this book I wasn’t too happy with the first couple of pages. I immediately judged how Seth and Malachi were going to be.

But I was wrong!


This book was sexy, kinky and sweet. No asshole-ish behavior here (I really thought there was going to be based on that first part).

Seth is looking for a Dom, someone to show him how much he really is into BDSM. He has been coming to a leather club for a year now, but no one seems to notice him. He does notice Malachi. Malachi who is clearly a Dom. But Malachi never seems to notice him. Until one day he does.

There are some hot scenes involving BDSM, but it’s not all like this. I wouldn’t even say the relationship between Seth and Malachi was your typical D/s one. They were just guys, wanting to get to know each other, but who also liked to play kinky games.

I especially liked the sweet and tender moments. I was expecting some angst when Malachi clearly stated he didn’t want a relationship, but nope… no angst.

Loved it.