The Trouble With Elves

The Trouble With Elves - Therese Woodson Sometimes you come across a book that will make you feel so good, you just want to live in it. I wanted to crawl inside and never leave again.


I loved every single thing about it. The awesome writing, the amazing and vulnerable characters, the humor, the romance.


It is almost Christmas and Cal is already tired of all the Christmas songs that are playing on a loop in the mall where he works. But he must admit, he is starting to like the Christmas crazy times when he sees the new elf helping Santa.


Just when Cal thinks he is very stealthy about his crush, his colleague spots him looking at the elves and assumes he likes the girl elf. Great misunderstandings happen...

I loved Cal. I loved how awkward he was and how he clearly had a major crush on Xander from the start. And his reaction when Xander’s sister, Alex, was flirting with him, priceless!


And Xander, so sweet, so shy. Adorable!
But not only did I like Cal and Xander, I adored Cal’s brother, Brock. The brotherly love was awesome!

“So when Dad launches in about baseball,” Cal said, toeing at a misplaced brick on the sidewalk.
“I swoop in and remind him of my questionable choices regarding traffic violations.”
Cal nodded. “Good choice. Nothing gets him more riled than the fact that you don’t drive anymore.”
Brock nudged Cal with his shoulder. “And when Sandy starts talking about the neighbor’s sister’s daughter who is so sweet and nice….”
“I comment on the neighbor’s sister’s son’s ass and remind her that I’m gay.”
Brock held out a fist. “Fist bump of solidarity, bro.”
Cal thumped his knuckles against Brock’s. “We only survive together.”

This is an amazing feel good Christmas story. I almost cannot resist the urge to just read it again.

Absolutely, wholeheartedly recommended!